Decriminalising Asylum Seekers

Asylum seekers protesting on the roof of the V...
Asylum seekers protesting on the roof of the Villawood immigration detention centre in Sydney, Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On a regular basis asylum seekers are referred to as illegal. This week a link was drawn between asylum seekers, crime and paedophilia.

What is missing from this debate is a means of decriminalising asylum seekers:

* After release, asylum seekers would have to wear an electronic tracking tag and report daily to a police or security officer.

* Any communities in which they take up residence would be informed and have the option of excluding them.

* On a regular basis their case would be reviewed with the potential of their freedom being reviewed.

* Penalties would apply for reoffending with possible reincarceration.

* Asylum seekers would be excluded from any jobs that residents could potentially carry out.

* Any goods and property owned could be impounded by the Government without notice.
Remind you of anything? Apartheid or Segregation or Kristallnacht perhaps? But not in Australia.

Truth is these criminals commit little crime.

What was the crime again? Being a refugee. How can you criminalise that?

3 responses to “Decriminalising Asylum Seekers”

  1. It’s pretty crazy how the media/politicians whip up so much angst against desperate people. I think many Aussies in the same straits would jump on a boat too…


    • It’s incredibly disappointing how the facts have dissipated in this issue. Anyone brave enough to flee persecution deserves our support and would make resilient citizens!


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