That’s Nobody’s Balloon

balloons (Photo credit: shellipsm)

It happened the other day. I’m shopping and I am filling my basket with fruit and vegetables.

I finish, go to the counter and am served. Then I bend down to pick up my basket.
There is a balloon attached to a stick in my basket! And there is no child nearby to take it back! This could be my lucky day!
But it was not to be. To my right is an empty pram, two children and two balloons. They may have one too many. Or a child is missing looking for the balloon. Or perhaps it belongs to the parent.
By now I’m holding a balloon while the shop assistant is sorting, weighing, pricing and packing my groceries. And she’s amused. She would like an explanation. I don’t have one. Well not an adult one anyway.
As I said to her if I had stolen the balloon I would have been asked for it back. But I wasn’t. So I stole back quietly and stuck it on the pram. Somewhere out there a happy parent is enjoying his or her balloon!! And yes I would have accepted it if it was given! It’s still fun to be an adult you know!

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