The Introverted Tourist

Empty street, San Marino
Empty street, San Marino (Photo credit: adrian, acediscovery)

Halfway through listening about that last overseas trip I wanted to interrupt. I had heard something new and quite different about travelling overseas.

While talking about meeting people in their own country I began to hear a quiet deference. Someone who wanted to tread lightly as an invited guest.

I’m no traveller. I’ve been to Singapore and New Zealand. I’ve never been out of my comfort zone. Until this conversation I had never even considered the idea of the introverted tourist.

I certainly don’t identify with the tourist that is the centre of attention. The loud one with the expectation that the whole country is waiting for their next request.

No what I heard was this. I am a curious guest. I am visiting your country. I do know something of course, but mostly there is much I don’t know. And I will learn more if I am respectful to all those I meet. That is what I received from my conversation with the introverted tourist.

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