From a Wedding, Hope

I’ve just returned from an overseas wedding in Sri Lanka.

It was nothing short of extraordinary.

The venue was beautiful. A seaside hotel (Chayya Tranz Hikkaduwa) with the couple marrying on the beach at sunset.

The ceremony was heartfelt. Two people I know well were taking the greatest step in their lives with open eyes and united hearts.

The reception was unforgettable. It melded tradition and culture in a thoughtful and touching way. There was a candle lighting ceremony, mesmerising entertainment and spectacular fireworks. The food and wine were sublime.

The guests too were an international menu. People from Pakistan, China, France, England, Belgium, Canada, Norway, Australia, etc, etc and Sri Lanka itself gathered together to celebrate this marriage.

And then I saw this.  Right in front of me, I could see that from the thread of different races, cultures and religions, a new cloth was being woven through the love of a couple, their families and friends.

New friendships were being made and old ones revitalised regardless of race, culture or religion.

And for someone more conscious of a world riven by conflict and sadness, that gave me hope.


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