The Unravelled Heart

Not so long ago, I had a silent heart,
Still, closed in on itself, set apart,
Surrounded, shielded, safe in a seal.
Latticed inside with wires of steel.

And to reach that ravelled heart,
To try and pick those strands apart,
Was an impossible, lonely and futile task
And my heart’s response : build another mask.

When anything touched any knot,
It closed itself up like a blood clot,
Leaving a scar greater than the wound made,
Which made my heart safe yet inwardly afraid.

Angered I then chose every moment of everyday,
And bent my mind to fight and seek a way,
To snap my heart open, rearrange it without pain,
My heart resisted,  fused itself and closed again.

And I left it.

My heart needed healing,
Light, hope, faith and feeling,
A quiet breeze, a light rain to come,
I waited for the word from home.

And it never came.

Then silently, it was visited upon me,
Scarcely felt my heart began to free,
Before my eyes, the wires and curls,
Of themselves began to twist and unfurl.

When I felt those knots and gnarls fall away,
I feared my heart would break eternally,
For these knots now thin threads easily broken,
I saw led away from me to others unspoken.

Now that my unravelled heart had found its healing,
I could give and receive hope, faith and feeling,
And love, light, rain and breeze without chill,
For now I’ve a heart that’s expanding and always will.


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