The underestimation of Justin Langer

In the midst of a successful Ashes series, Cricket Australia have pseudo sacked Justin Langer.

Whilst quietly backgrounding the media, they (un)decided to offer him a six month contract extension.

An act that was neither supportive nor fully negative.

Which in my opinion demonstrates that they’ve underestimated Justin Langer. (Full disclosure:  I’m writing about a personal hero so I’m making my bias clear.)


Through his playing and coaching career, which has been beset by setbacks, Justin Langer has adapted and thrived.

Whether it was his stop-start almost fizzled out Test career. His subsequent ability to establish himself in the side. Until he was dropped and came back again.

And as a coach: his incredible success with the Perth Scorchers which set the foundation for his appointment as Australian cricket coach.

And during the worst time ever for Australian cricket, with a coach disgraced, players suspended for cheating, a green captain, he built a team. A successful one.

But not without difficulty or setback as the recent surfaced team tensions showed.

But then JL adapted again. He stepped back. And suddenly we have a Test team playing their best game. And enjoying and supporting each other.

And showing that cricket is fun.

And that alone is why people should not underestimate Justin Langer.

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