Ebenezer’s Haunting

“Ha! You’re dead. And I’m not.And that is my final word to you,” said Scrooge. And with that the ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet to come and Jacob Marley dissolved themselves invisible. “And that’s that, “ said Scrooge. “I’ve won my peace.” But after that Scrooge couldn’t sleep. His eyelids would … Continue reading Ebenezer’s Haunting

Resigned to Staying

The mobile purred. A sleepy finger reached out and pressed answer. "Thought I'd phone in this week's postcard from afar." "Lee, I can barely hear you. You sound like you're croaking it in a drainpipe." "Only line in town, boss." "Only time for one take, even then we'll barely make the deadline. Gimme a second … Continue reading Resigned to Staying

Hard Knocks

“Three times, “ she said. “Three?” I muttered to myself. “Three times,” she answered. “Then you'll know. That's when you up and leave.” I'd lost track of the number of chances I'd given. Only when things were tapering off towards the end did I start to keep track. Tens, twenties, hundreds. Three would have had … Continue reading Hard Knocks

Window Queen

My entry in the NYC Midnight Short Story competition...A romantic comedy set in a charitable organisation featuring a window cleaner.... Window Queen Thud. Rope rattled against the window. I peeked over my screen. Window cleaners. Whatever. Except I looked that extra second. And saw two long legs preceding a vision. Princess Elsa against the dawn. … Continue reading Window Queen

Write, Rewrite, Then Don’t Rewind : Writing Out Loud #4

I paid my money didn't I? I should be able to take my choice then?  No, not when NYC Midnight have their flash fiction competition. One thousand carefully chosen words,  a genre, a scene and an object chosen at random. Forty Eight hours to write it. And on Saturday 15th July, the email arrived. Genre: … Continue reading Write, Rewrite, Then Don’t Rewind : Writing Out Loud #4

Drenching Human Sheep

"All rise!" The Court Clerk brayed in a tone of bored authority. The words echoed and then died against the wooden paneling. There was a pause. The door to the left opened. A short bobbing woman entered robed and wigged even though convention didn't demand it anymore.  The pause followed her and held its breath. … Continue reading Drenching Human Sheep