Love’s Quest

I won’t speak to you of my flaws and fears I’ve no intent to move you to crying and tears I speak so you can catch and keep your breath And know that after me that love must overcome death. For that false love that cheats hides and deceives A mere plastic glove that only trusts what one perceives Nay I’d rather speak of the love where nothing can be hidden And follow your quest for that love as you are bidden. Love that discerns my weakness Comforts me in my sadness Letting me borrow its strength Sending it to others beyond life’s length.

love left alone

If I caught and kept love It would be no love at all Love left dying at last grasp Dust and leaves floating in its wake. If I fought for and left love I would be the one to fall Love lying faithless hope left to clasp At emptiness cleft to my selfish ache. If I nought but let love flow As if it were second breath Let alone no thought to know But love's depth and width and breadth.

Opposites Detract

Of course you truly love that other. And expect them to live for you completely Until they morph into that new another The one that doesn't care even proportionately. Yet think upon this! That bloody minded other Knows full well that living for another Is their one and only true saviour Why? It’s in their oblivious behaviour. So when you find out, as you will, their actions clash with their belief It will be poor comfort now, take the pill, it’s the best long term relief You will finally find that two people living for each other are in fact Proof absolute positive that opposites in time can only detract.