War Tired

Aren’t you tired of waging war?
sacrificing first your first born:
Husband then son then daughter.

Aren’t you tired of waging war? 
Shunning, silencing and exiling
Mothers, brothers, sisters then father.

Aren’t you tired of waging war? 
Calling to them then turning from
Friends and family all forsaken alike.

Aren’t you tired of waging war? 
As for he who saved your child’s life,
You sent him away: child and father’s love forever lost.

But you’ll tire of waging war,
When there’s no one left to fight.
Then you’ll sheath knife, gun and sword.
Fall asleep then wake to a peaceful light.

The Last Attack

I’m the one behind the boulder: you can’t see me.
Always the advantage belongs to me.
On my console: you the white blip on a green screen.
Pull the trigger: you explode light unseen.

Close up too close: I can smell your breath and sweet sweat.
Gamer convention: was that where we met?
I feel you weight as we begin our last dance.
Breathe in my ear that’s the end of romance.

We fumble together, it’s a surprise attack.
You lead me, step by step, I can’t lead back.
We find each other’s knife, both strike together.
Last time a soldier was this close, I died to her.