My Funny Valentines Day

Yesterday at work the conversation turned to Valentine’s Day. And I discovered all my workmates are attached and  all planning something special for Valentine’s Day.  Which to all you lovers out there is wonderful!

my funny valentine

But I wonder if anyone had a Valentine’s Day quite like mine. It did start well. Breakfast (High Tea actually) at a New Farm restaurant with my partner. A brilliant way to start the day.

The reason for the breakfast was that she wouldn’t be spending Valentine’s Day with me. She was busy arranging an evening meeting for a support group. Why they chose Valentine’s Day remains a mystery to me. But next time they will choose much more wisely.

Evening came and I dropped her off at the venue. Then I drove home. But I didn’t make it. I received a IT support call. So I stopped the car and took the call.

It was my partner wanting me to return. The group were having problems connecting a laptop for a presentation. Hey it’s Valentine’s Day! I turned the car around, found the venue, found her and helped. In truth, I hit two buttons at once after my partner had solved it herself. I told her that she was today’s lucky prize winner. And she felt like that for a while.

So I left her to it and went home. I then got another phone call. This time the new venue basically wasn’t working for this group at all. They were upping and leaving for the old venue. Can I return in case my assistance was needed?

Children's Valentine, 1940–1950
Children’s Valentine, 1940–1950 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I returned and she was waiting out the front of the old venue. And she wasn’t too happy. This time I was helpful. She told me the three or four extra things that had gone wrong. I said to her than it is now unbelievable/ridiculous (pick one) and the only course left was to laugh! And she did.

After that all went well. Well apart from the meeting running over time. And none of the participants wanting to leave. And you thought there was no romance on Valentine’s Day!  And a Happy Valentine’s Day was had by all!

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