Does The Pen Hear More than the Keyboard?

"I probably won't be using that." It wasn't a derisory or demeaning disclaimer. Just a calm statement: this is not for me. I never was much of  a software salesman anyway. I had livened up a not-so-interesting training session by describing an upcoming software feature. It may or may not be in the next future … Continue reading Does The Pen Hear More than the Keyboard?

This Printer Isn’t Working (Diagnostic Ping-Pong)

"Hi I'm just ringing about the printer. It's not working." It was the printer just over the partition from me. I had taken it on myself to try and fix it. But I was not a desktop support person any more. I had: Checked the printer had paper, no jams and enough ink Stopped and restarted the printer … Continue reading This Printer Isn’t Working (Diagnostic Ping-Pong)