No Kebabs for Dr Jaws

It was '98 or '99. Again, at short notice I was asked to set up a laptop. For an external consultant : an interviewee. No problem. Download the standard operating environment. Upgrade need to install Dr Jaws. What the heck is Dr Jaws? Dr Jaws is a screen reader for sight-impaired people : the … Continue reading No Kebabs for Dr Jaws

The Teddy Bear Principle

In September 2020, I received an email. Somewhere in the middle was a story about how a university professor solved enquiries before he received them. By keeping a teddy bear outside his office. Attached to it was a sign, "Ask Teddy". Anyone that did enter the office, however, was asked, "What did Teddy say? What … Continue reading The Teddy Bear Principle

Just Grandma and Me: A Reminiscence

Perhaps I should have bought the game and computer too! It began with Nicole Matejic. She was reminiscing about her old Apple personal computer experiences. In passing she mentioned the children's game Just Grandma and Me (based on a popular children's book).   And the next thing I remember is my daughter perched on a stool … Continue reading Just Grandma and Me: A Reminiscence

Three Steps Too Many

Everything seemed perfect. Nothing had changed in years. So much so I forgot where I'd put my wallet and keys. But only momentarily. Everything was as it was. The carpet, that dull dirt brown, with sickly flecks of grey. Brighter than I remembered. No fading, no wear, no patches yet needing repair. The walls too, … Continue reading Three Steps Too Many

This Printer Isn’t Working (Diagnostic Ping-Pong)

"Hi I'm just ringing about the printer. It's not working." It was the printer just over the partition from me. I had taken it on myself to try and fix it. But I was not a desktop support person any more. I had: Checked the printer had paper, no jams and enough ink Stopped and restarted the printer … Continue reading This Printer Isn’t Working (Diagnostic Ping-Pong)