Wedded Bliss

Yeah well so much for wedded bliss.

An unknown elixir I’ll always miss.


So tell me when will it all start?

After the fault finding of my heart?


Or post hissing names in my head?

Or after the blow meant me dead?


Was that when the happy marriage began?

Or will I live forever as an also-ran?


Or should I wait after the days of silence?

Forgiven after months of muted penance?


Perhaps that’s when love would finally begin

Once I’m finally forgiven of my unknown sin.


Or perhaps now you no longer overspeak,

And see me listen quite mild and meek.


Was that the solid foundation missing?

Or am I Prince Charming over wishing?


Or once you’ve finished the loving glare,

But chide me still for daring to stare.


Or those moments of push and shove.

Such body contact must be true love!


Rhapsodies and harmonies?

Syncopated symphonies?

Tell me when does true love start?

Why re-open a broken heart?




Sri Lanka : Much I Have Learned from You

There’s Anna Martin’s blog on her  time in Sri Lanka on Facebook.
She and I were one of many guests at our friends’ wedding there.After the Wedding
I click on it, read it and share it  commenting, “Great blog. I learnt much from it.”
I thought I wouldn’t get away with that lightly. Then Anna  asked me, “Share what you learnt.”
It just tumbled out like this..
“I always wondered why people are racist (I don’t think I am racist), but I saw that for me it’s just fear of the unknown. Wherever we are we still need to communicate and connect and share the same needs and desires. We’re all different and that’s a richness we all can share in. I’ve never been in such a different culture and environment and I was fearful (at first), but all I had to do was listen and be mindful (still need to do more of that)! Now I have to take that and apply it daily.”
So what I really learnt was  this. When I’m afraid of being in a new environment and culture, my natural reaction is to treat people as stereotypes.  It would have then been easy to play the tourist but in truth I’m a guest in their country. Much like my conversationalist in the Introverted Tourist.

From a Wedding, Hope

I’ve just returned from an overseas wedding in Sri Lanka.

It was nothing short of extraordinary.

The venue was beautiful. A seaside hotel (Chayya Tranz Hikkaduwa) with the couple marrying on the beach at sunset.

The ceremony was heartfelt. Two people I know well were taking the greatest step in their lives with open eyes and united hearts.

The reception was unforgettable. It melded tradition and culture in a thoughtful and touching way. There was a candle lighting ceremony, mesmerising entertainment and spectacular fireworks. The food and wine were sublime.

The guests too were an international menu. People from Pakistan, China, France, England, Belgium, Canada, Norway, Australia, etc, etc and Sri Lanka itself gathered together to celebrate this marriage.

And then I saw this.  Right in front of me, I could see that from the thread of different races, cultures and religions, a new cloth was being woven through the love of a couple, their families and friends.

New friendships were being made and old ones revitalised regardless of race, culture or religion.

And for someone more conscious of a world riven by conflict and sadness, that gave me hope.


The Wedding Dress

My sister was married last weekend.

The only inconvenience on the wedding day was this. Our hotel room was makeup and hair curling central.  Which means that around 8 am we had to be out! In the end we returned three quarters of an hour before the ceremony.

My Sister

My Sister


I softly knocked on the room door and was asked in. There was my sister by herself. In her wedding dress. And this moment was probably  the only quiet one that she would have today. Hopefully we were not unwelcome. We weren’t!

But even to my untrained eye, the dress was her and she was the bride. And we couldn’t say anything. Just looked at each other waiting for someone to say something.

And yes somebody did ask to take her picture!