Why I Write:Writing Out Loud #3

If money is the measure of success, as a short story writer and poet, I have little chance.

So why do I turn up? Why do I fill notebooks with words? Then copy and rewrite it in Evernote. And then again into Scrivener?

I now know I’m borrowing a talent as it were, but that doesn’t explain my motivation to write. Especially when the story or poem is demanding to be written.

Why do I do this?

Much like a poet who expresses those thoughts best unsaid, the author, Natasha Lester answered for me in her blog Success as a Writer: What Does it Mean? Understanding.

And she speaks for me. I was joyfully surprised by the feedback I received for the Great Blow. I wrote a poem called The Unravelled Heart , then attended a meetup. Two people had read it and they understood.

But the first time I really found out why I write occurred when I wrote a story called Medicine Woman.  A few days after publishing it, I received an email containing the French phrase, “On Ne Peut Sauver Celle Qui Ne Veut L’etre.” My school French could not suffice and I googled the phrase and also checked with my French teacher friend.

The phrase meant, “One cannot help those who cannot help (themselves).” Which is what the story really was about. Which is why I really wrote it.

Which is why i write.


Reflect, Renew and Relaunch….Unwrapping My Secret Santa Blog

Sometimes the best Christmas presents have more than one layer of wrapping!
A few weeks ago I signed up for a secret Santa Blog. Much like the Christmas tradition, I’m given a name and then asked to write a blog for them. As well, I become the recipient of a blog written just for me.
And today it arrived. Unwrapped here it is!

Reflect, Renew and Relaunch

Dear Andrew

Well it is that time of the year again and we find ourselves reflecting on what has transpired and what have we achieved. Some would say that they have accomplished much and others may be harsher on themselves and say that they have not accomplished as much. Either way, if you are reading this, you have accomplished and achieved.

How do we measure this? While this is a personal approach and each one of us has our own measuring stick, you can start by thinking about the people in your life that have made you happy and even the ones that have made you sad. Think about any ups you have had this year – some enlightened moments while watching your favourite team playing or while watching a TV show or a even reading a book. Think also about those times when you have felt sad and how you got yourself up again.

I am sure you will find the Uppers out do the Downers because life is full of great moments – some we acknowledge and recognise and others juts pass us by without much fanfare – these are the hardest to recall but when you do Andrew, you will have discovered the magic of life is all about.

Give your self a pat on the back – you have made it through to the end of 2014. It doesn’t matter whether you have a job or don’t. It doesn’t matter whether you have a contract or not – what does matter is that you have your health and happiness and the people that you love around you.

Christmas is a time of reflecting and New Year is a time of resolution and renewal.

Give yourself the time to reflect – then get a broom and brush away 2014. Remember it – but make sure you move on !

Think and visualise your 2015 – what is it that you WILL achieve – set yourself goals and aspirations, write them down and keep them with you during the year. Use them as inspiration at times of downers and use them as nourishment at time of uppers.

2015 is shaping up as an exciting time for freelancers and consultants as we start to se the economy becoming more accustomed and accepting of such professionals. It will be a year where YOU will shine – embrace it – enjoy it !

So Andrew may you have a lovely and wonderful Xmas filled with love, happiness and laughter and may your 2015 be awesome because you deserve it !

Ho Ho Ho !

The Big Fat Man with the White Beard

Thank you to the anonymous writer who knew my 2014 well!

Writing Isn’t Safe

Last week I came across this article from the Wheeler Centre by Jessie Cole which talks about the self revelation of writing fiction. As an author, I’ve had that happen to me. I didn’t pay much attention to it until this afternoon.

I’m writing about two characters. They’re not getting along so well.

I’m trying unsuccessfully to postpone the final falling out between them.Revelation

Today, sadly was the day they got into their last argument.

As the author I was clear what they were going to say and how it would end.

What really happened is that I’m crouched behind a bush, listening to these two people I know unfold themselves in front of me.

Until the argument began. It simply doesn’t go to plan. Until several pages later I realise it’s something I always wanted to be brought into the open. It’s even more confronting as its something I don’t think can be resolved. Obviously I need to write some more about that.

So Jessie Cole is right, writing fiction isn’t safe at all.

But upon reflection, neither is blogging. I just think its a safer. To begin with, I ‘m writing about people I meet and things that happen to me. I can choose to leave things in or exclude what doesn’t make me feel comfortable. But…

Upon re-reading and reflection, even that isn’t safe. Unwittingly I have exposed thoughts and feelings and emotions that I wouldn’t shout out in a crowd. I need to write some more about that.




I Wish I Was A Mummy Blogger

According to the normal media, the Internet is inhabited by mummy bloggers.

As a male mummy blogger I find this a bit hard to take. I did style myself as a male mummy blogger during a mock debate over social media but was politely howled down.

I learnt from that. I’m now a daddy blogger. Which sounds really daggy and unfashionable.

But what I would like to see is this. Either the media embrace the term daddy blogger or even male mummy blogger and then I would receive the well deserved attention I desperately crave.

Or just call us bloggers and read what we write!

Maybe it would be seen that the Internet has diversity and variety!

Another blog is calling!

Social Media is Old-Fashioned (Really!)

Before social media, there was the grapevine, bush telegraph or rumour mill.

I found this out growing up in two small country towns. Basically, my parents knew everything about everyone.

There were no secrets there, and now there seem to be none on the internet!

Of course, this is the negative back-biting side of social media, the rumours, whispering campaigns, anonymous abuse.

However, there is a positive side. It’s best illustrated through a movie set in a country town – It’s a wonderful life. The hero of the story loses everything and contemplates suicide. Once his fellow townspeople find out, the grapevine/bush telegraph swings into action and he is bailed out of misfortune!

That is the power of social media.