Why trolling is a training problem.

Probably starting the conversation off with epithets isn't going to get your audience's attention. "Welcome to Excel Conditional Formatting, you so and sos." Certainly saying, "You are ill-informed," or words to that effect would clear out the class. Regardless of the chocolate biscuits virtual or otherwise. Perhaps saying I have something to contribute might be … Continue reading Why trolling is a training problem.

Bullied into Silence aka the Bastard Problem

The phrase "being bullied into silence" has started occurring in the Same Sex Marriage debate, often emanating from the No camp. Here is my response... Only bullies complain about being bullied into silence because it's the exact technique they use to bully others! As soon as they are questioned or confronted they say they are … Continue reading Bullied into Silence aka the Bastard Problem

Everyone Failed Social Media : Except Mark Colvin

I knew Mark Colvin (and his kidney!) purely through Twitter! And sad at his loss. I did read some of his interview transcripts: a gentle questioner able to get a better answer! But in the maelstrom that is Twitter, he came across as funny, intelligent, curious, never ever patronising, clever and subtle, a joy to … Continue reading Everyone Failed Social Media : Except Mark Colvin

Learning Disagreement Skills

Go on, click the angry icon. Share the negative post or tweet. Slip in and quickly criticise. Tell the other how they got it completely wrong. They lack intelligence. Common sense. Logic. Sit back and easily insult the unlike you. They can't even think. They're Inhuman.  We should wipe them out. Yes it's so easy … Continue reading Learning Disagreement Skills

Cory Bernardi and Freedom of Speech

Much has been made of the recent comments by Senator Cory Bernardi regarding his book the Conservative Revolution (see the reviews and Twitter). All I will say is that I disagree with him. Based on his expressed values I almost certainly won't read his book. And like Bill Shorten I can give personal examples! It … Continue reading Cory Bernardi and Freedom of Speech

I Wish I Was A Mummy Blogger

According to the normal media, the Internet is inhabited by mummy bloggers. As a male mummy blogger I find this a bit hard to take. I did style myself as a male mummy blogger during a mock debate over social media but was politely howled down. I learnt from that. I'm now a daddy blogger. … Continue reading I Wish I Was A Mummy Blogger

Why the MainStream Media is Dying…

Imagine you are a journalist in a small country town. You know everyone and they know you. Any unethical behaviour will in time be found out. Then you lose your contacts, advertisers, circulation and your newspaper's reputation. Imagine you are a journalist in a city. You know no-one and no-one knows you. Any unethical behaviour … Continue reading Why the MainStream Media is Dying…

Social Media Simplified

Imagine you're invited to a party. You check the date, time and place. You get ready and turn up. You expect to be the centre of attention. But when you arrive, the party is happening and has been going forever. Everybody is talking at once. Everybody seems to know everyone else.  People will stop talking, … Continue reading Social Media Simplified

Being Strategic About Trolling

Recently I was trolled on Facebook. Someone left some rather unsavoury comments on a photo I posted.   After some thought and some research, I deleted the post and blocked the person from Facebook. The personal effects on me are just that, private and personal. But it raises some questions for me and for anyone … Continue reading Being Strategic About Trolling