Write, Rewrite, Then Don’t Rewind : Writing Out Loud #4

I paid my money didn't I? I should be able to take my choice then?  No, not when NYC Midnight have their flash fiction competition. One thousand carefully chosen words,  a genre, a scene and an object chosen at random. Forty Eight hours to write it. And on Saturday 15th July, the email arrived. Genre: … Continue reading Write, Rewrite, Then Don’t Rewind : Writing Out Loud #4

Why I Write:Writing Out Loud #3

If money is the measure of success, as a short story writer and poet, I have little chance. So why do I turn up? Why do I fill notebooks with words? Then copy and rewrite it in Evernote. And then again into Scrivener? I now know I'm borrowing a talent as it were, but that doesn't … Continue reading Why I Write:Writing Out Loud #3

Suffering Is a Superpower

Bleed out drop by drop, Breathe out gasp by gasp, Lose time tick for tock, And love beat by beat. Each day darkens upon dark, Each touch lessens its loss, I watched my heart disappear, Shrivelled and dried by fear. Push me away, slap my face, Shove me to the wall, that's my place, Punch … Continue reading Suffering Is a Superpower

Walking Through Pendulums

A few weeks ago, I checked out Sydney Biennale's the Embassy of the Real at Cockatoo Island. Cockatoo Island is a now heritage listed former factory and shipyard and is fascinating in its own right. But what I found fascinating were some of the exhibits of the Embassy of the Real including the dirigible on the left.   But … Continue reading Walking Through Pendulums

Soaking the Beans : Megan Washington and Writer’s Block

Sometimes after all one's efforts, everything looks like it's turning out for the worst. But then the rain clears, and the moment is right.  Such was the case when I went and saw Megan Washington sing and be interviewed at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in Melbourne. I arrived on time. But at the wrong venue. … Continue reading Soaking the Beans : Megan Washington and Writer’s Block

Buy the StegoSaurus

A few weeks ago I visited the Melbourne Scienceworks and was reminded of the following. Quite a while ago, I was at Questacon (The National Science and Technology Centre). They were having a dinosaur exhibition which was fantastic as I remember. For all I know it could have inspired Clive Palmers Dinosaur Park. But I've wandered … Continue reading Buy the StegoSaurus

On Unselfish Love…

There is almost an obsession with being loved unselfishly. Out there is the perfect person who will supply your needs forever. Your mission impossible is to find that person, convince them to love you and you will be happy forever. And you will love them back, but secondly. Unfortunately, this love is the one that … Continue reading On Unselfish Love…