The Conversation Problem

The first hint occurred after a meetup. As we trooped off to the pub, everyone split up. Into their pre-existing groups. I wasn't shocked. There would be someone to talk to. Or ask questions. Or if none of the above applied, I'd leave silently. But one of the group I was with that night said … Continue reading The Conversation Problem

Witness at Circular Quay (Sydney)

My quiet corner, Sydney’s Circular Quay, I write indulging my silent curiosity,  An auditory observer this Sunday As towards me waves wend their way. A didgeridoo drones from afar, Adults chide children who return laughter, A wheelchair borne man draws near, Nods at me knows why I’m really here. I remain your waiting witness.

Walking Through Pendulums

A few weeks ago, I checked out Sydney Biennale's the Embassy of the Real at Cockatoo Island. Cockatoo Island is a now heritage listed former factory and shipyard and is fascinating in its own right. But what I found fascinating were some of the exhibits of the Embassy of the Real including the dirigible on the left.   But … Continue reading Walking Through Pendulums

To Strengthen That Heart We All Share : After the Sydney Siege

Like many others, I was following the Sydney siege crisis on and off last night through mainstream and social media.  When I heard the conclusion this morning, the gunman dead and two hostages killed, the others and a policeman injured, I was numb. But only at first. It wasn't until  I walked past the Lindt Chocolate … Continue reading To Strengthen That Heart We All Share : After the Sydney Siege

Don’t Ask Tony These Questions!

We've seen quite a lot of Tony Abbott walking away from questions... Here 's how to make him stay. Don't ask about: James Ashby and Mal Brough. Afghanistan and Mark Riley. Peter Slipper. Peter van Onselen and Dr Mark Roberts. Sydney University allegations. One Nation and David Ettridge. Direct action details. Gonski details and LNP … Continue reading Don’t Ask Tony These Questions!

Tony Abbott’s Director of Policy Is No Spy

Much has been written and said about the incident between Peter van Onselen and Dr Mark Roberts. But there is another side to all of this. It isn't that we've found out that Tony Abbott has a Director of Policy. That's way too trite. It is the offer allegedly made to Peter van Onselen. According … Continue reading Tony Abbott’s Director of Policy Is No Spy