Almost Fifty

He wanted his fifty. I knew it. They knew it too. The only question was would we win first or would he get his fifty beforehand. The only problem was they didn't know the exact score. Fourth grade cricket has no scoreboard. And scorers (theirs) don’t always know all the rules. I had just sauntered … Continue reading Almost Fifty

The Teddy Bear Principle

In September 2020, I received an email. Somewhere in the middle was a story about how a university professor solved enquiries before he received them. By keeping a teddy bear outside his office. Attached to it was a sign, "Ask Teddy". Anyone that did enter the office, however, was asked, "What did Teddy say? What … Continue reading The Teddy Bear Principle

May You Ever (A Response to May You Never)

I wrote a response to Meredith Lewis' prompt May you never which details how I stopped writing poetry for years. But how I returned can only be described as a subtle gentling. In every role, whether programmer or system manager or desktop support or service manager, I was always writing whether diaries for recollection and … Continue reading May You Ever (A Response to May You Never)

Through The Eyes of a Child

This is a speech I wrote and performed  during my time in Toastmasters. See podcast on SoundCloud See transcript: One more story. One more story. One more story. Please. PLEASE. I’ve already read you 3 or 4 stories already and its late. What time is it now ? Story time daddy. I’m tired. Sleep Time. … Continue reading Through The Eyes of a Child