The Best of Enemies : Movie Review

It's 1968 and America is in turmoil. Martin Luther King has been shot, riots have broken out across the country, the Vietnam War is faltering, Robert Kennedy has been assassinated and Richard Nixon is campaigning for President. The American Broadcasting Corporation also has its troubles. As the third (or fourth) network of three, it is … Continue reading The Best of Enemies : Movie Review

Welcome Back to Melbourne

Another overheard conversation... This time I'm on the Port Melbourne tram heading into Melbourne. It's full of people who have just gotten off the latest cruise ship. Opposite me is an older couple, bags in tow. The gentleman opposite them strikes up a conversation. My first impression is that he must be trainer. Immediately he … Continue reading Welcome Back to Melbourne

Walk By The Water

As a child, I lived in Kiama New South Wales, a small town by the sea. Occasionally walking to school,during the summer king tides,  I would see the world famous Blowhole in action. Waves would break high and wide, the spray would envelop  the lighthouse like smoke around a candle. Similarly, while living at New Farm in Brisbane, I would take the long walk … Continue reading Walk By The Water

Serendipity of Co Working

Just a few weeks ago, on a whim and a prayer (I’ve always wanted to write that), I decided to attend another Third Place meetup. Third Place is a meetup for L&D professionals in cities across Australia. This particular meetup was to explore a new co-working space Queens Collective in Queen Street  Melbourne. Despite being … Continue reading Serendipity of Co Working

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty (How I Got My Cat Mojo Back)

I'm not a cat person. And here are the sure-fire symptoms.  I'm not the one walking down the street like the pied piper having cats follow me. When I walk up to cats and say hello they don't say hello back. Quite the opposite.  So it was with some reluctance that I let myself be … Continue reading Here Kitty Kitty Kitty (How I Got My Cat Mojo Back)

A Tropical Storm In Melbourne?

I'm woken by a small flash of light. It's off to my right.   Is it from my bedside table? It could be my phone.   I'm half-awake now. My next thought is that flash was too long to be my phone. Perhaps it was car's headlight through the window? It seemed more like a … Continue reading A Tropical Storm In Melbourne?

Environment Victoria BreakThrough : A New Era of Climate Activism

Presented by the Sustainable Living Foundation, the National Centre for Climate Restoration BreakThrough 2014 October forum had a surprising thread of hope and optimism. So often climate change events have an overriding pessimism and a sense of acting against forces beyond our control (political, economic as well as the environment). Perhaps they took the view that … Continue reading Environment Victoria BreakThrough : A New Era of Climate Activism

This Prerecorded Message is Having Mood Swings

I live in Melbourne and use public transport. Which means I am exposed to a female voice (I think it's the same voice) announcing the next stop or train/bus route. I'm sure most people take no notice. Or they find it annoying and ignore it. Not me. I become emotionally involved. My mind tells me … Continue reading This Prerecorded Message is Having Mood Swings

Dining With Strangers (Eat With Me Melbourne)

It’s not speed dating! And it’s not dinner for five! It's Eat With Me’s Dining With Strangers!  For a small cost, I received one drink, two meal courses and way more than three introductions. All at The Sharing House South Wharf Melbourne. As it turned out, I almost turned up sopping wet. But I made … Continue reading Dining With Strangers (Eat With Me Melbourne)